World Star Tech has introduced the first true diode based green laser modules.
The compact green laser modules operate at wavelengths from 515nm to 520nm and are available up to 60mW in power at the present time. Unlike diode pumped green lasers, direct diode based Green Laser Modules offer high thermal stability, low noise and high modulation capabilities. Green Laser Modules are available with or without temperature control.
Beam shaping optics such as line/cross generators can be added.

We continue to offer diode pumped green laser modules for those applications that need a 532nm wavelength and superior beam quality. Our TECGL series temperature controlled green lasers work exceptionally well at ambient temperature ranges between 10 to 40 degree C and are strongly recommended for applications which require low RMS noise and peak to peak laser power stability.

Features Applications
Excellent Wavelength and Power Stability Bioanalytical & Measurement
Low Power Consumption Imaging
Laser series Wavelength Laser power Size Ttl Modulation Features
DPGL-Series 532 nm 0.4 to 5mW 15 mm D x 69 mm L Can be added Circular Beam
HP-Series 520 nm upto 60 mW 15 mm D x 51 mm L Can be added Direct Diode Based
TECGL-Series 520 and 532 nm upto 75 mW 25 mm D x 75 mm L Can be added Temperature Controlled