COMPACT Series -Blue Lasers

World Star Tech has introduced the COMPACT computer controlled laser system with integrated laser head and control electronics in a single compact box. The RS-232 interface allows the user to set the laser power, temperature and variable laser modulation sequences. Computer control allows the laser power to be set at certain temperatures and also allows the power and temperature to be scanned for the lowest noise operation parameter of the laser.
COMPACT is specifically designed for applications needing complete control of the laser temperature and modulation. COMPACT also allows stand alone operation in the same package and demonstrates excellent beam quality, power stability and noise.

Features Applications
RS232 or USB Controlled Bioanalytical
Low RMS Noise Imaging
Integrated Optics and Electronics Light Scattering
Instrumentation Ready Laser Excitation
Part Number Wavelength Beam Modulation Max Laser Power
COMPACT-405 405 nm Collimated 1 MHz (max) 300 mW
COMPACT-440 440 nm Collimated 3KHz 60 mW
COMPACT-473 473 nm Collimated 1 MHz 70 mW
COMPACT-488 488 nm Collimated 1 MHz 150mW