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WST Laser Diodes

Wavelength Selected Laser Diodes

World Star Tech offers 405nm, 650nm and 785nm laser diodes in 5.6mm package.

The laser diode wavelength selection and characterization of the laser diode are available upon request.

Features Applications
Single Transverse Mode Imaging
5.6 mm package Machini Vision
Wavelength Selection Option 3D printing ( 405 nm)
Part Number Wavelength Laser power Package Max Temperature Pin configuration Polarization ratio Description
WLD-175-405 405 nm 175 mW 5.6 mm 85 deg. C 2 PIN 100 : 1 Single mode
WLD-7-650N 650 nm 7 mW 5.6 mm 70 deg. C N-TYPE 100 : 1 Single mode
WLD-90-785 785 nm 90 mW 5.6 mm 70 deg. C P-TYPE 100 : 1 Single mode

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