World Star Tech offers high power Mitsubishi Red/Infra-red laser diodes.

ML520G54 is a 110mW, 638nm laser diode with excellent beam quality.

ML501P3 is high power, high efficiency diode with emission wavelength of 638nm and output power of 0.5W (CW).

ML60171C is a high power infrared diode which provides emission wavelength of 830nm and output power of 260mW. This laser diode has narrow stripe structure which enables better beam quality even at high output power.

Product name Wavelength Laser power Package Maximum operating temperature Pin configuration
ML520G54 638 nm 110 mW 5.6 mm 60 deg. C G
ML501P73 638 nm 500mW 5.6 mm, capless 40 deg. C G
ML60171C 830 nm 260 mW 5.6 mm 60 deg C M