World Star Technologies, Inc is the North American distributor of II_VI Laser Enterprises GmbH.

II-VI Laser Enterprises is a industry leading provider of 980 nm single mode laser pumps, high power laser diodes and VECSEL laser solutions.

II-VI Photonics offers a variety of single-chip, 980 nm pump lasers from uncooled, semi-cooled and traditional-cooled pumps over a set of market leading power ranges.

II-VI Laser Enterprise BMU Series multimode laser diode module has been designed to provide the highest power and reliability required for pumping solid state lasers and for direct applications.

In addition, II-VI Laser Enterprise manufactures vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELS) for optical navigation, optical interconnects and optical sensing applications.

Please contact us for all your II-VI Laser Enterprises products need.

We also package your Laser Enterprises Diode with laser driver circuit, optics and fiber.

Product name Wavelength Laser power Package Maximum operating temperature Description
BMU9/10A-9XX-01/02-R 915, 940, 960, 976 nm Upto 10W 2 Pin 60 deg. Uncooled Multimode Laser,0.15/0.22NA,105 micron core
BMU30-9XX-01-R 905, 930, 975, 980 nm Upto 30W 2 Pin 60 deg. Uncooled Multimode Laser,0.15NA; 105 micron core
BMU40-9xx-02-R 915, 940, 960, 975 40W 2 pin 60 deg Uncooled Multimode; 0.22NA 106.5μm core multimode optical fiber with 0.16NA under-filling
CM96Z*** - 7* 974, 978. 980 nm 600 mW; Kink free 10 Pin Butterfly 75 deg. Cooled Butterfly 980 nm Pump,Corning HI1060
CM97 - xxx - 7x 980 nm > 1W; Kink free 10 Pin Butterfly 75 deg. Cooled 980 Pump, Corning HI1060
CM97A1064NFBG 1064 nm 1.5W, Kink Free 10 Pin Butterfly 75 deg. Pulsed 1064nm Narrow Bandwidth FBG Laser; Polarization Maintaining Fiber
CMDFB10xxA 1030, 1064 nm 800mW, Peak Power 10 Pin Butterfly 75 deg. Wavelength Stabilized DFB Laser;Polarization Maintaining Fiber
LU96Z***-7* 974, 976 nm 300 mW, Peak Power 8 Pin Butterfly 75 deg. Uncooled mini-DIL 980nm Pump Laser Module