Collimated laser diodes are an assembly of a laser diode with a specified collimating lens within a small package. World Star Tech offers collimated laser diodes from 400nm to 1064nm with a standard or custom design.

Our experienced design team will offer custom laser diode collimators with desired divergence and beam size and shape.

Typical Applications:

Industrial Measurement and Alignment

Positioning and Sensing

Machine Vision


Part Number Wavelength Laser power Package Maximum operating temperature Description
COL-XXG-520A 520 nm 10, 30, 50 mW 8 mm diameter 60 degree < 1 mrad divergence
COL-XXG-635 635 nm 7, 10, 20 mw 8 mm diameter 50 degree <1 mrad divergence
CO-70G-780A 780 nm 70 mW 8 mm diameter 60 degree <1 mrad divergence