Advanced Laser Applications Using World Star Tech Lasers

Next generation Advanced Laser Fluorometry (ALF) for characterization of natural aquatic environments: new instruments

Next generation Advanced Laser Fluorometry (ALF) for characterization of natural aquatic environments: new instruments
The new optical design allows single- or multi-wavelength excitation of laser-stimulated emission (LSE), provides optimized LSE optical collection for spectral and temporal analyses, and incorporates swappable modules for flow-through and small-volume sample measurements. The basic instrument configuration uses 510 nm laser excitation for assessments of chlorophyll-a, phycobiliprotein pigments, variable fluorescence (Fv/Fm) and chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in CDOM-rich waters. The three-laser instrument configuration (375, 405, and 510 nm excitation laser provided by World Star Tech ) provides additional Fv/Fm measurements with 405 nm excitation, CDOM assessments in a broad concentration range, and potential for spectral discrimination between oil and CDOM fluorescence. The new measurement protocols, analytical algorithms and examples of laboratory and field measurements are discussed.

Refractive index of thin, aqueous films between hydrophobic surfaces studied using evanescent wave atomic force microscopy

CT McKee, WA Ducker – Langmuir, 2005 – ACS Publications
… The evanescent wave was generated using a 532-nm diode laser (TECGL-10, World Star Tech,
Toronto, Canada). The scattered evanescent light was collected with a Nikon LU Plan 50×/0.55
objective and transferred to a photomultiplier tube (H5784-20 Hamamatsu). figure …

Far field nanoscopy with reversible chemical reactions

M Schwering, A Kiel, A Kurz… – Angewandte Chemie …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
TIRFM data was acquired on a custom-built TIRFM setup consisting of a Zeiss Axioinvert 200
equipped with a laser emitting at 532 nm (World Star Tech TECGL-30: 532 nm; 30 mW, cw, Toronto,
Canada), which was coupled into to the microscope through the back port. …

Synthesis and oxidation of luminescent silicon nanocrystals from silicon tetrachloride by very high frequency nonthermal plasma

R Gresback, T Nozaki, K Okazaki – Nanotechnology, 2011 –
Photoluminescence (PL) measurements were performed on samples prepared by direct deposition
of NCs onto glass substrates and a circular 405 nm diode laser (World Star Tech, TECBL- 30GC-405) was used as the excitation source, while a CCD (Pixis, 100BR-32) and …

Single-molecule dual-beam optical trap analysis of protein structure and function

J Sung, S Sivaramakrishnan, AR Dunn… – Methods in enzymology, 2010 – Elsevier
1 GHz) < 0.5% (rms). Fluorescence laser, World Star Tech, TECBL-10G-405, Violet Diode laser, CW, power 10 mW, wavelength 405 nm, beam diameter 1.6 mm, circular, linearly polarized, temperature control. LED, Mightex, SLS-0111 ...

Fabrication and characterization of rare-earth-doped nanostructures on surfaces

TJ Mullen, M Zhang, W Feng, RJ El-khouri, LD Sun… – ACS …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… A 405 nm, 10 mW thermoelectrically cooled violet diode laser (TECBL-10G-405), World Star Tech.,
Toronto, Canada) and a 980 nm, 50 mW infrared diode laser (UH5-50G-980, World Star Tech.) were used
as excitation sources for the Si 3 N 4 tips and the ?-NaYF 4 :Yb,Er nanocrystals …

Hemolymph amino acid analysis of drosophila larvae

SC Piyankarage, H Augustin, Y Grosjean… – Analytical …, 2008 – ACS Publications

Experiments carried out on a home-built CE system equipped with a commercial high-voltage power supply
(Spellman, CZE 1000R, Hauppage, NY) and photomultiplier detector (H7421-50 Hamamutsu
corp., Japan) operating with World Star Tech temperature controlled violet diode laser (TECBL-10G-405, World Star Tech., Canada …

Low-Intensity Laser Irradiation Stimulates Wound Healing in Diabetic Wounded Fibroblast Cells (WS1)

N Houreld… – Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, 2010 –
WS1 cells were irradiated with a fluence of 5 J/cm 2 on days 1 and 4 (72 h between irradiations)
to lasers with a wavelength of 632.8 (model 127, Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA), 830
(model TECIRL-70G-830, World Star Tech, Toronto, ON, Canada)