Advanced Laser Applications Using World Star Tech Lasers

Miniaturized fluorescence detection system to remove background noise of the incident light using micro mirror and lens

by JM Jang – ‎2005 –
Mar 5, 2005 – Miniaturized fluorescence detection system to remove background noise of the incident light using micro mirror and lens. Jun Moon Janga, Hyun …. green (532nm) pumped laser diode (Worldstar Tech.) was used which was …

Precise quantification of transcription factors in a surface-based single-molecule assay

KS Grußmayer, T Ehrhard, K Lymperopoulos… – Biophysical …, 2013 – Elsevier
… ALEX-TIRFM data was acquired on a custom-built TIRFM setup consisting of a Zeiss Axioinvert
200 equipped with a 635 nm diode laser (TECRL-25G-635, World Star Tech, Toronto, Canada)
and a 532 nm diode laser (TECGL-30, World Star Tech, Toronto, Canada) that were …

A droplet-based fluorescence polarization immunoassay (dFPIA) platform for rapid and quantitative analysis of biomarkers

JW Choi, GJ Kim, S Lee, J Kim, SI Chang – Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2015 – Elsevier
… Briefly, the fluorescence detection system consists of 488 nm diode laser (10 mW, World Star
Tech, Canada), inverted fluorescence microscope (IX71, Olympus, Japan), filter cube set for Alexa
Fluor 488 (FITC-3540B, Semrock, USA), dual polarization system, and an electron …

Stapler with illuminated stapling position- US Patent

JA Kciuk, E Ruiz, JT Buzzelli – US Patent 7,617,581, 2009 – Google Patents
World Star Tech Class 1 (IEC-European) laser part number
FLL5-0.4P-650-30 which can project a 13.5 mm line when mounted 25 mm from the
surface where the line is to be projected. A mounting screw …

Flexibility of single-stranded DNA measured by single-molecule FRET

J Kang, J Jung, SK Kim – Biophysical chemistry, 2014 – Elsevier
… the new platform of alternating laser excitation (ALEX) FRET was introduced that employs an
additional excitation laser to directly … Two continuous-wave excitation lasers (532 nm:
635 nm: TECRL-25G-635, World Star Tech) were alternatingly irradiated on …

Design and implementation of a two degree-of-freedom micromanipulation assessment system

WT Latt, ES Ananda, SCL Ong… – … in Medicine and …, 2008 –
… A. Components of 2MAS The main system components include a two-dimensional PSD module
(DL100-7PCBA3) with a 10mm square sensing area from Pacific Silicon Sensor Inc, a modulable
laser light diode (UT5-7G-650 (650nm, 7mW) from World Star Tech) placed inside …

High-speed non-cryogenic cooled infrared sensors using carbon nanotubes

KWC Lai, N Xi, CKM Fung… – Nano/Micro Engineered …, 2010 –
… Experiment was conducted on near IR radiation to study the IR response of the
CNT-based IR sensor. CNT sensor was tested under the IR laser source
(UH5-30G-830-PV, World Star Tech; optical power: 30 mW; wavelength: 830 nm). …

Measurement of directed blood flow by laser speckle

ER Hirst, OB Thompson… – SPIE BiOS, 2011 –
… 4.1 Methodology A fundus camera (fx-50R, Kowa Optimed Inc.) was equipped with
a diode laser (640nm, 50mW, World Star Tech, Toronto, Canada) and optics designed
to produce a ring of diffuse laser illumination. The diffuse …

Laser triangulation for shape acquisition in a 3D scanner plus scan

D Acosta, O García, J Aponte – Electronics, Robotics and …, 2006 –
… 3.1. Data Acquisition System (DAS) The laser triangulation method was implemented using
a line laser generator from World Star Tech reference ULL5-3.5G-635 and the webcam Logitech
Quick Pro 3000 (CCD Based camera). 3.2. Mechanical System …

Photovoltaic effect in single carbon nanotube-based Schottky diodes

J Zhang, N Xi, H Chen, KWC Lai… – International Journal …, 2008 –
… The IR source was a near-IR laser (UH5-30G-830-PV, World Star Tech.) with a wavelength of
830 nm and a power of 30 mW. A zero bias voltage was applied on the CNT photodiode and
the current was monitored while the IR source was periodically switched on and off. …