Advanced Laser Applications Using World Star Tech Lasers

In vivo wide-field multispectral dosimeter for use in ALA-PpIX based photodynamic therapy of skin

EPM LaRochelle, SC Davis… – … of SPIE Vol, 2017 –
… Absorption Emission 500 600 700 800 900 Wavelength (nm) Figure 1 … Similar to the point-probe
system, the wide-field system uses red and blue laser sources (World Star Tech COMPACT-
635-75G-SMA-A and COMPACT-405-20G-SMA-A) The 635nm laser has a peak power ..

Design, manufacturing, and testing of single-carbon-nanotube-based infrared sensors

J Zhang, N Xi, H Chen, KWC Lai, G Li… – IEEE transactions on …, 2009 –
… The IR response of the CNT sen- sor was measured with a near-IR laser
(UH5-30G-830-PV, World Star Tech) with a wavelength of 830 nm and power of
30 mW. The IR spot of this laser is around 200 µm in the experiments. …

Integrated device for optical stimulation and spatiotemporal electrical recording of neural activity in light-sensitized brain tissue

J Zhang, F Laiwalla, JA Kim, H Urabe… – Journal of neural …, 2009 –
… To quantify the optical throughput of the optrode in a non-scattering medium, the optrode was
placed in Rhodamine-6G (R6G, Sigma Aldrich) solution, while light from a green laser (532 nm;
World Star Tech) was coupled into the far end of the fiber for fluorescence excitation. ..

Analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism in human angiogenin using droplet-based microfluidics

N Bardiya, JW Choi, SI Chang – BioChip Journal, 2014 – Springer
… To measure fluores- cence in microdroplets, an inverted fluorescence micro- scope (IX71, Olympus,
Japan) was used with a 488 nm diode laser (10 mW, World Star Tech, Canada) as the light source
and an electron multiplying charge coupled device (EM-CCD) from Princeton …

Analytical multi-spectral optical detection system- US Patent

C Elkin, W Hoover, R Kurnik – US Patent App. 11/267,962, 2005 – Google Patents
… Laser, Tech. World Star Tech,, TECGL-10G-532, 532 nm, 10 mW,
Thermoelectric, <0.5%, <0.5%, Class IIIb. Pumped, Toronto, ON,, 10. Laser, Canada. Diode Laser, World Star Tech, TECRL-10G-635 , 635 nm, 10 mW, Thermoelectric, <0.2%, <0.2%, Class IIIb. 10G ...

Optical analysis of emissions from stimulated liquids- US Patent

A Chekalyuk – US Patent App. 14/376,297, 2013 – Google Patents
… [0074]. In an example, the in-situ optical system 800 includes, among other components, the
laser 770 (eg, World Star Tech TECGL-35G-515-SMA-TTL-A, 35 mW at 518 nm), the spectrometer
712 (eg, Ocean Optics USB4000), the photomultiplier (PMT) 726 (eg, Hamamatsu …

Development of a Capillary Waveguide Biosensor Analytical Module

Development of a Capillary Waveguide Biosensor Analytical Module for Use with the MBARI Environmental Sample Processor
HS Dhadwal, JA Radway, J Aller, P Kemp… – … Technologies for Ocean …, 2012 – Springer
… It was replaced by a 30 mW, temperature-stabilized, solid-state 532 nm laser (World Star Tech
TECGL-05-TTL), with power stability better than 2 %. For single photon counting systems, there
are two possible solutions, one based on a photomultiplier (PMT) and the other on an …

Scanning near-field optical microscopy utilizing silicon nitride probe photoluminescence

V Lulevich, WA Ducker – Applied Physics Letters, 2005 –
… A small drop of index matching liquid (microscope oil type B, refractive index 1.515, Cargille,
US) was placed between the lens and the surface. A thermoelectrically cooled diode laser (532
nm, 10 mW, TECGL-10, World Star Tech., Canada) was used as a light source. …

Microfluidic array cytometer based on refractive optical tweezers for parallel trapping, imaging and sorting of individual cells

M Werner, F Merenda, J Piguet, RP Salathé, H Vogel – Lab on a Chip, 2011 –
… A laser shutter (LS1) allowed to switch on/off the steerable optical trap, independent
from the optical trap array. A Diode pumped laser emitting at 532 nm (TECGL-30-532 World Star Tech)
was utilized for fluorescence excitation. ..!divAbstract

An atomic force microscope tip as a light source

V Lulevich, C Honig, WA Ducker – Review of scientific instruments, 2005 –
… A thermoelectrically cooled diode laser ( 532 nm , 10 mW , TECGL-10, World Star
Tech., Canada) or an Ar-ion water-cooled laser ( 488 nm line of 1 W , Innova
Enterprise 2, model 610, CA, USA) was used as the light source. …
We present a simple method for causing the end of a silicon nitride atomic force microscope (AFM) tip to emit light, and we use this emitted light to perform scanning near-field optical microscopy. Illumination of a silicon nitride AFM tip by blue (488nm)(488nm) or green (532nm)(532nm) laser light causes the sharp part of the tip to emit orange light. Orange light is emitted when the tip is immersed in either air or water; and while under illumination, emission continues for a period of many hours without photobleaching. By careful alignment of the incident beam, we can arrange the scattered light to decay as a function of the tip-substrate separation with a decay length of 100–200nm. The exponential decay of the intensity means that the emitted light is dominated by contributions from parts of the tip that are near the sample, and therefore the emitted orange light can be used to capture high-resolution near-field optical images in air or water.